Africa rises to 28.6% in internet penetration in last 5 years

8 September 2017


Africa's internet penetration has risen from 11% to 28.6% in the last five years despite cyber security challenges. This was stated in a report recently released by the African Network Information Center (AFRINIC).

According to the report, this growth is lower when compared to the rest of the world. It states: “Whereas Internet penetration in Africa has grown from 11% to 28.6% in just 5 years despite challenges such as cyber security, it is lower when compared to the rest of the world.

“Measurable parameters such IP address allocations show that the continent is quite behind. In April 2017, AFRINIC entered the depletion phase of fourth version of IP Addresses (IPv4) way behind of the other four continental regional Internet registries who are already distributing the newest version IPv6 in earnest.”

Consequently, the Mauritius-based Center said it has concluded plans to hold its 27th annual public policy meeting in Lagos, in collaboration with the Nigerian Internet Registration Association (NIRA).

The event which is billed for November 27 - December 2, 2017 is expected to feature policy discussions, seminars, workshops, and sharing ICT knowledge within the African and the Indian Ocean region.

AFRINIC is a platform organized for technocrats and business to discuss policies, trends, resources and challenges in growing internet for sustainable development in Africa and the Indian Ocean Region.

Source: Daily Trust