Google Play Music family plan and Family Library launched in South Africa

15 September 2017

Digital Content

Google has launched the Family Library feature for its Play online store for Android devices in nine additional countries, including South Africa.

The search giant updated its support pages for Family Library and the Google Play music family plan, which showed that the following countries can now access the feature: South Africa, Belgium, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, Ukraine and Chile.

Family Library lets you share purchased apps, games, movies, TV shows, and books from Google Play with up to five family members.

Movie and TV show rentals can’t be added to a family library and all video content is not available in all countries.

Apps and games bought after 2 July 2016 may be added to Family Library, though in-app purchases can not be shared. Games and apps bought before 2 July 2016 may be eligible for Family Library if the developer has made past purchases available.

Books may only be added in certain countries, and only if the book publisher allows it. You can’t add free samples, public domain books, personal documents you uploaded, or books you rented to Family Library.

Music and Newsstand purchases can’t be added to Family Library, though there is a family subscription option for Google Play music.

In South Africa, a Google Play Music family plan subscription is priced at R89.99 per month.

Like Family Library, you can share the subscription with up to five family members, who may use Google Play Music on up to 10 devices each.

Google Play Music family plan subscribers automatically receive access to Family Library.

Source: MyBroaband