NaijaMusic launches to connect Nigerians to their favourite artists

15 September 2017

Digital Content

NaijaMusic has launched in Nigeria to connect users with the latest songs and videos from their favourite artists.

Founder John Kilsi told Disrupt Africa, which went live at the end of June, was user-friendly and had easy-to-find links at the top of the page.

Users can search by category and genre to access songs, videos, mixtapes and artist biographies, with new music available every day.

“When promoting music online, there are certain successful strategies that artists can take to get their music noticed not only within their country, but worldwide,” Kilsi said.

“One of the biggest ways to get music noticed is having it on a site where possible listeners can immediately buy or download the tune onto a laptop or portable device. The other big promotion technique that really helps artists is thoughtful advertisement placement.”

All of this is available on the new platform, which makes money by charging for advertising space. Kilsi is hoping for success based on the level of access to new music offered by NaijaMusic.

“Finding a music website that properly caters to certain music tastes can be extremely difficult. For many Nigerian artists, the chances of reaching a larger audience are slim to none. NaijaMusic is looking to fulfill all of these needs by providing music videos to view and songs to download from popular and upcoming music artists to those who visit our website,” he said.

The bootstrapped startup hopes to move into other African countries if it proves a success in Nigeria.

Source: Disrupt Africa