Telecom Egypt officially begins marketing mobile services

22 September 2017


Telecom Egypt (TE) has officially unveiled its new mobile voice product range, marketing both pre-paid and post-paid plans, alongside mobile data-only tariff options. According to Ahram Online, customers are now able to sign up for TE's mobile offerings – which will include 4G connectivity – with pre-paid SIM cards expected to be available for distribution by 15 October.


In terms of pricing, data-only plans start from EGP1 (USD0.06) for a 25MB daily allowance, while the top-tier option provides 40GB of data per month for EGP200. Meanwhile, with regards to voice plans, two post-paid options (branded ‘Control’) are on offer, costing EGP20 and EGP40 per month, dependent on the amount of ‘units’ included, which can be used for call and SMS messages. Finally, for pre-paid customers a rate of EGP0.12 applies to calls (per minute), SMS (per message) and data (per MB).

Source: Ahram Online