Moneytrans Launches the First Mobile Remittance App in the Republic Democratic of Congo

22 September 2017

Money Transfer

Moneytrans, a fintech company servicing the low-income migrant population announces the launch of a smart and convenient mobile App to send money in minutes within and outside Africa to any of its 250,000 locations.

The iMoneytrans App is the first money transfer App built by its customers; "The App is intuitive, interactive and really easy to use - reported Moneytrans' Head of products, Paola Luyo - "we spent the last years working with our customers to provide a state-of-the art remittance mobile App having all the functionalities of the best Apps already in use on other continents." Jeremy De Smet, COO of Moneytrans, added that: "We seek to reach all migrant workers, expats and travelers and give them a service that is fast, easy to use and comes with a transparent cost structure: « what you see is what you get»."

Source: Moneytrans