Nearly New UK DTT transmitter equipment goes on sale – exclusive offer

29 September 2017


Close on the heels of the main digital switchover in the UK, the Government decided to release further bandwidth.

The 800 MHz frequency bands were cleared, and, following the pattern of the main switchover which ended in 2012, standby transmitters were used to carry the signals from the masts when the changes were made.

It is these digital transmitters which have now become available and are up for sale. They’re being stored in Lincolnshire by Ramco, specialists in asset disposal. Neil Sanderson, Ramco’s Managing Director says: “It’s a unique opportunity and there has never been a better time to purchase them, particularly for a foreign investor, given that the value of the pound is so low.” The equipment has a variety of potential uses. It is ideally suited as a complete transmitter set, or individually, for example as either:

A low cost, stand-alone way of delivering migration from analogue to digital

Temporary tx facilities during any other form of re-engineering project. Or even for use as high quality spares With switchover still taking place in many other parts of the world, Neil Sanderson sees one potential market for the equipment in countries in South America, Africa or Eastern bloc nations.

The NEC transmitters use DVB-T2 technology and have been maintained to a high standard by Arqiva, the UK’s specialist transmitter provider.

Former Arqiva CEO John Creswell commented at the time: “The digital switchover was an amazing engineering and technical feat and a fantastic story of British success. The UK has an outstanding record of producing incredible television. Freeview is the platform of choice across the UK and the investment we made will ensure it continues to be relevant for the next twenty years.”

The systems are a part of the great legacy in the story of digital switchover in the UK. Many other countries have since followed Britain’s lead in terms of both the technology and approach to the huge project management challenge of switchover.

For full details of the equipment, please click on this link