South Africa: Rain On Track To Launch Data Only Mobile Products This Year

29 September 2017


Rain is on track to launch its first mobile products before the end of 2017, which promises to disrupt the market in South Africa. Rain director Michael Jordaan told MyBroadband in July, the company plans to launch a data-centric mobile service when they have 2,000 active LTE-A towers in South Africa.

The operator currently has 1,300 active LTE-A towers, and its network is growing rapidly – with new live websites every week.

Rain has already launched competitive wireless products via fixed ISP partners, and many people are eager to see what Rain will offer to disrupt the mobile market.

Mobile Data Products

The company said that mobile products only intended for the data it plans to launch will be simple and will offer affordable prices. They will also challenge traditional market practices such as data expiration.

Rain plays his cards near his chest, but it is possible that he is launching products based on services as part of his mobile data strategy.

This could take the form of social media, messaging, web browsing, video streaming or voice services, rather than just a data set.

Telkom and Cell C already combine unlimited services, such as messaging and video broadcasting, with some mobile products, but data sets are still the basis for these products.

Source: TechVibesnow