Forget Chinese investment in Africa, here's a tech partnership in the region you haven't heard of

29 September 2017

Mergers, Acquisitions and Financial Results

South Korea is a major foreign investor in Rwanda's blossoming tech scene The two countries share geographical features and have similar recent histories, which has helped foster a mutual understanding. KT Corporation, the first South Korean company in Rwanda, has plans to use its base in the country as a hub from which to expand further into Africa

While China snakes its influence in technology across the African continent, one of its smaller neighbors has also been making inroads in countries far from home. South Korea, one of the Far East's technological powerhouses, claims to have a stronghold in the central African country of Rwanda.

The unlikely story begins with KT Corporation (KT), a South Korean telecoms giant, which started helping to form the backbone to Rwanda's communications infrastructure a decade ago. The state-owned company currently builds and operates ICT services in Rwanda's public and private markets, and provides a 4G service in partnership with the Rwandan government.

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