In brief

6 October 2017


FNB South Africa is accelerating its digital banking plans with the launch of their latest generation of FNB-branded ConeXis smartphones. The smartphones come in two models, the entry-level ConeXis A2 and the flagship device, the ConeXis X2. The South African bank also highlighted that even though they are selling the smartphones, including other brands of smartphones, they are not really in the business of selling [mobile] handsets but rather "selling them [customers] the digital experience of banking,". This is demonstrated by the fact that the ConeXis smartphones come pre-loaded with the FNB Banking app along with video tutorials of how to use the app and any of the FNB digital services. The aim, according to FNB South Africa, is to reduce the amount of instances customers need to visit their physical branches.


Somalia’s National Communications Act has finally passed into law, after it was signed at the start of the month by President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo, reports Horn Observer. The law aims to establish the legal, regulatory and institutional frameworks for the country’s thriving telecoms sector. The legislation had been submitted by the Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Technology in July, following consultations with various stakeholders, including regional states, telecoms operators and ISPs, and was approved by both houses of parliament in August. The new law, which calls for the creation of a telecoms regulatory authority, aims to protect the rights of operators and consumers, tackle cybercrime and encourage more participation by private sectors in developing the telecoms market.


T-Systems South Africa announced on Tuesday 3 October 2017 at their InTouch 2017 event that they will be partnering with Microsoft to offer Azure services to enterprise customers in the South African market. T-Systems, already a global partner of Microsoft, will be focusing on complementing their existing solutions with Microsoft Azure cloud services to create additional value for customers.