Computer News - In Brief


- In order to implement the latest compensation directive, the Addis Abeba City Caretaker Administration (AACCA) is undertaking an upgrade of its existing IT compensation programme to include current estimated compensation that is given to homeowners and businesses that are relocated for development.

- IBM has launched its ThinkPlace Challenge, an open forum for collaboration and innovation with a particular focus on African development. All are welcome to participate and offer their ideas, the best of which will be taken forward in a number of ventures.

- InfoDev, in partnership with the Overseas Development Institute and the Institute for Development Studies, are currently compiling a "Knowledge Map" on the contribution made by ICT to the livelihoods of the rural poor. Donors and policy makers are encouraged to complete a brief survey. Responses will help to shape the next phase of infoDev's work in this area. Please visit

- The desktop Linux distribution, Ubuntu has announced plans to develop a mobile version for Linux based smart phones and PDA's. The Ubuntu Project says that it will start more detailed planning at the Ubuntu Developer Summit and the first release of this edition will be in October with Ubuntu 7.10.