Skills shortage hinders Africa’s cloud adoption

20 October 2017


Another call has been made for investment in Sub-Saharan Africa’s education and work sectors that is cognisant of developments in ICT.

African countries and organisations are not very quick to adopt new technologies that include cloud solutions in particular, due to a skills shortage and lack of training. This according to recently appointed NetApp Country Manager, Morne Bekker, who oversees the SADC region at the storage and data management company.

In an interview with ITWeb Africa this week, Bekker said although the continent is deploying new technologies, it does so with reservation due to a conservative culture.

“If I look at best practices, a lot of our counterparts in the SADC region and even my colleagues in East and West Africa, there’s a lot of bright people there, there’s a lot of technology that’s being adopted. One of the key components that we see [in Africa], on a micro level is a resource scarcity and conformity. When I say we’ve got no resources, typically there’s a lack of training and a lack of expertise in different technology sets and the broader sort of set understanding. If you look at macro factors, then you bring in socio-economic problems, you bring in political instability, and you bring in exchange rate issues and lack of foreign currency.” Read the full story on ITWeb Africa here.