Telma Madagascar Fuels Growth and Innovation Using Sicap’s Mobile Device Solutions

3 November 2017


BAAR, Switzerland, 25 Oct 2017: Sicap Schweiz AG, the global mobile device management vendor has announced that Telma Group (Madagascar) the leading telecom operator in the country utilizes the company’s Mobile Device Management Centre (DMC), USSD and USSD Menu Browser solutions for fueling its mobile growth and enabling innovative value-added services such as its MVola mobile banking application and prepaid online reload service.

Madagascar is a unique market with an approximate mobile broadband and SIM penetration of only 30% (GSMA, Q4, 2015). Despite providing a great revenue growth opportunity for the local operators, the large share of low-cost handsets makes Madagascar’s mobile profits also hard to get. Low-cost devices are costly for operators as they are more difficult to connect to a network and the owners frequently seek for support from operators’ care centers. The under-developed mobile device base also makes implementation of value-added services challenging for mobile operators.

Currently more than 70 mobile service providers in 40 countries use Sicap’s Device Management Centre (DMC) which would make it the world’s most deployed device management solution. Sicap’s Cloud platform combines a managed service model with pay-as-you-grow pricing to ensure customers have a fast delivery time and OPEX-friendly ownership.

Source: Company Press Release