This Guy Is Trying to “Unite” South Africans on Facebook, But He’s Not Doing Anything to Solve Racism

3 November 2017


"Internet sensation" Joburger is asking race groups to ask other races questions they've always wanted to ask. It's cute and funny, but this won't solve South Africa's problems.

A London-based South African by the name Joburger on Facebook, real name Louwrence van Niekerk, has become an "internet sensation" after he asked different race groups to ask others questions they have always wanted to ask each other.

For instance, he calls for black people to ask white people questions they have always wanted to ask. It went incredibly well, with a lot of the questions being hilarious, and apparently "heart-warming."

Black people have asked questions like why do white people like walking barefooted, while white people ask black people questions like "what's the deal with the sand I see in 2L Coke bottles?" You know, those types of questions. Coloured people and Indian people were also put on the pedestal. Read the full article on Okayafrica here.