Moya Networks launches a coin sale to fund Africa’s ACE submarine capability

3 November 2017

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Moya Networks through its’ crowdsourced Moya Token (MTK), aims to give investors the ability to fund the ACE submarine capability and terrestrial fiber optic network that will be raised throughout Africa.

Moya Token is using Ethereum-based tokens, with its MTK ICO which will start from November 15, 2017, and will end one month later on Dec 15, 2017.

The firm says the distribution cap is 100 million MTK and the conversion rate is 1000 MTK for 1 ETH. Bitcoin is also accepted as payment. There is no investment cap on this so you can own as many MTK tokens as you like.

Right now a Pre-sale is taking place and the coin is available at 40% discount for the early birds. There are three levels of discount offered by the company having 30% 20% and 10% discounts available as the main ICO approaches. So, backers can take advantage of these considerable discounts if they want to contribute to this initiative.

Source: TechMoran