Huawei to release cloudified video platform in Africa

3 November 2017

Digital Content

Huawei is set to release its Envision Video Platform in Africa during Africacom to November in Cape Town, aiming to assist carriers in developing and optimizing video as a fundamental service with the best user experience.

The cloudification architecture platform will support the latest 4K/Ultra High Definition, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality; these technologies will improve the users experience with high quality video and enable user interaction.

This platform can also optimize video streaming services based on network conditions.

“By releasing this platform during Africacom, we want to deliver a message to operators and our partners, that in this golden era for video business, especially 4K video, we are ready and capable of helping them shape their video strategies to drive new revenue,” says David Chen, Director of Marketing & Solution Sales of Huawei Southern Africa Region. Read the full article on Ghana MMA here.