Showmax launches new PlayStation 4 app

3 November 2017

Digital Content

Internet TV service Showmax has launched an app for the world’s best-selling gaming console, Sony’s PlayStation 4.

This means PS4 and PS4 Pro owners who have connected their consoles to the internet can watch on-demand TV shows and movies in just a few easy steps, with no need to buy new equipment. The app is available only in South Africa.

Showmax is an internet TV service with a huge catalogue of popular series and movies available on demand with no ads, including weekly episodes of fresh new shows express from the US, such as Mr Robot season 3 and South Park season 21; series that come first and only to Showmax, such as horror anthology Channel Zero; and fan favourites such as The Big Bang Theory, the full box set of Friends and all seven seasons of Game of Thrones.

   It’s another reason to make the PS4 the centre of your home entertainment set-up

Subscribers to the service, which costs R99 per month for unlimited viewing, have the option to watch Showmax using a wide variety of devices that now includes the PS4. Read the full article on Times Live here.