Computer News - In Brief


- The operation "a computer per household," called "Ousratic" will come to a close by 2010, Algerian Post and ICT Minister Boudjemaa Haïchour indicated on Monday in Tiaret. A financial budget of AD400bn was allocated for the realization of this operation initiated by the ministry, Haïchour indicated during his working visit to the province of Tiaret.

- A contest launched last year to support female entrepreneurs is being repeated this year, with the Cape IT Initiative (Citi) looking for 20 women who have a sound business idea but are struggling to make it flourish.

- Congo has started to introduce electronic ID cards.

- Refurbished PCs in Liberia (Pentium III) cost $150 and laptops vary between $2-300. A new PC costs $700-850 and a laptop around $1000. Import taxes are still charged on all ICT equipment.

- Liberia’s President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf opened a new computer lab at the University of Liberia last that was installed by Nigerian company SocketWorks Ltd. The company has made several of these thin client installations across Africa (including Ghana and Uganda) and has plans to install others further afield, including India.