Facebook launches community tech hub in Nigeria

24 November 2017


Facebook is launching a "community hub" and training program in Nigeria, its biggest market in Africa.

The hub will offer support to tech startups and will also train 50,000 young people and SMEs in digital skills across the country.

Opening in 2018, it will be Facebook's first tech space in Africa as the social media company follows in the footsteps of search giant Google who in July launched an ambitious initiative to train 10 million young people in online skills over five years.

Emeka Afigbo, Head of platform partnerships, Middle East & Africa told CNN: "What we aim to do at the incubator is to provide support for high tech startups that do not ordinarily get investments, until they can develop a proof of concept, which will attract other investors."

With an eye on growing their user base, US technology companies are increasingly turning to Africa's large youth population. Read the full article on CNN here.