Telkom CEO advocates tech to address inequality in Africa

24 November 2017


The man at the helm of telecommunications services provider Telkom South Africa believes technology remains one of the more effective ways to address challenges facing Africa.

Speaking at the BCX Summit on disruptive technology in Johannesburg today, Telkom Group CEO Sipho Maseko listed access to technology as one of the main challenges facing the continent, along with power supply, food and water.

"There is a need for us to have a thorough conversation about 'the challenges that Africa is confronted with over the next hundred years' - if we are able to get around them and be able to equalise society. For us technology is one of the big instruments that can enable us to cross the digital divide."

Maseko said the continent cannot thrive with lingering contrasts which results in some having access to world-class technology and resources, while others have none or very little. Read the full article on ITWeb here.