Azur Telecom signs with Lycamobile and announces new projects in Gabon, CAR and Congo

1 December 2017


Bintel Group, parent company of Azur Telecom, has unveiled the signature of a partnership agreement with the Lycatel group, operating in several markets under the Lycamobile brand. Through this new alliance, the UAE company explains that its subsidiary will not only benefit from Lycatel’s operational expertise in the development of international traffic , but also from financing its cash needs to launch 4G in Central Africa where the company inaugurated 3G + a few weeks ago, the launch of 3G in Gabon and 4G in Congo.


In its statement, Bintel Ltd indicates that the documents that materialize its collaboration with the Lycatel group were signed in London on November 17, 2017. The company also announces the upcoming arrival of a delegation of Lycatel group in Gabon, Congo and in Central Africa for the operational implementation of this partnership.


If Azur Telecom finally gets all the technical and technological means it announces, the company could well boost competition in its three markets where it is largely dominated. The company has fewer than 500,000 subscribers and a market share of less than 8%.

Source: Agence Ecofin