Governments hold the key to low internet costs

1 December 2017


The demand for affordable high-speed wireless services is growing in Africa, but the quality of supply is not good enough to meet it and the high cost of mobile phone data exacerbates the problem.

This is according to Nick Watson, the VP for EMEA of Ruckus, who said, "The actual handset costs have come down so low that it is very affordable thing to have - a low cost smartphone. It has almost made the situation worse because you have a lot of people who want to connect, but then they find the disappointment when they start to use rich media."

"I don't think we should sit back and say this is ok. Bear in mind the licenses that allow the mobile operators to have the spectrum and charge the money (for connectivity) is up to the government."

Watson said governments have the power to regulate service to ensure customers receive affordable but reliable internet connection.

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