Ethiopia links up with China’s Shenzhen province to bolster ICT

1 December 2017


The Shenzhen Outbound Alliance (SOA) has opened its first African branch office in Addis Ababa to make available ICT-related expertise and strengthen economic ties between Ethiopia and ultimately the rest of Africa.

The organisation has previously established links with cities in countries, including Canada and the UK, from where it helps Shenzhen companies engage in outbound investment and cooperation in those locations.

Sun Tianlu, vice chairman and secretary of the Alliance says Shenzhen is where global tech firms like Huawei, ZTE and Shenzhen Energy Group are based and is well-placed to share best practice with other global cities.

“With the city's total economic output expected to hit 2 trillion yuan (US$302 billion) in 2017, owing largely to high-tech products and services, it was natural that Shenzhen wanted to impart its successes to overseas destinations.”

The Ethiopia Investment Commission (EIC) claims that Chinese companies have more than 370 projects that have either been operational or under implementation in the country over the past five years. Read the full article on ITWeb here