Social Media Race to the ANC Presidency – Campaigns intensify amid a mixed narrative

1 December 2017

Digital Content

As ANC presidency campaigns began to intensify in June 2017, they illustrated a lack of cohesion and focus to the party’s public narrative. Social media, and digital news research on the party, reveals a heady mix of messages that on one hand speak to “business as usual” and party unity, with no specific contestation of the top seat, while the other reveals open competition and divisiveness among the candidates and the provinces. By MONGEZI MTATI.

With less than a month to go until the elective conference on 16 December 2017, brand ANC has failed to lead social media conversations about the elective conference, in a unified voice. The result, is a broken party narrative, and an environment where public talk on social media, regarding candidates, and the key issues, are being driven instead, by opposition parties and the media. The disparate party messaging creates a social media, and data image, of a brand whose objectives are not clear. Read the full article on Daily Maverick here.