African Union ministers discuss digitisation and cyber-security

7 December 2017


Ministers in charge of ICT and postal services have declared digitisation a priority for Africa, Newsghana reported. At a two-day African Union meeting of the Specialised Technical Committee on Communication and ICT in Addis Ababa that ended on 01 December, they discussed and made decisions on continental and regional programmes concerning the centre.

Communication and ICT sub-sectors in Africa still face many challenges, despite the significant gains in the African media landscape, telecoms and ICT and postal services, the conference noted. The AU Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy, Amani Abou-Zeid, reiterated the importance of ICT for Africa's development.

The conference noted that digitisation is an essential and the greatest opportunity for Africa to drive the fundamental changes of the world in the 21st century, if wisely harnessed and mainstreamed. Digitisation could potentially be the catalyst in achieving national development agenda, the Agenda 2063 aspirations and the UN Agenda 2030 development goals, it said.

The conference has recommended the formation of an Africa cybersecurity collaboration and coordination committee to advise the AU Commission and policy makers on cyber-strategies.

Source: Telecompaper