Support For Female Entrepreneurs Gains Ground In Africa

7 December 2017

Digital Content

“It is no secret that women in STEM are a minority, and are generally faced with all manner of challenges from active discouragement to harassment. Yet they move forward to pursue amazing careers.”

So says Amma Gyampo, founder of AmDeco, a network of business development, coaching, partnership and advisory consultants that matches and advises startup founders in Ghana, Nigeria, the U.K. and the U.S.

It is well acknowledged that there is a shortage in Africa of female entrepreneurs, and active female investors and mentors as well. Women make up less than 15 percent of all professionals in the tech space. In South Africa, for example, the latest SAVCA report showed women made up 13.3 percent of the space, a small increase from 12.9 percent the year before. Read the full article here.