Get ready for Ugandan government developed social media platforms in 2018

5 January 2018


In an interesting statement towards the end of 2017, Godfrey Mutabazi, Executive Director at the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) said that they are working on launching their own versions of popular social media platforms like Twitter in 2018. One report quotes Mutabazi as saying that the UCC already has an investor who will assist with bringing the social media platforms to life.

Mutabazi cited content being hosted outside Uganda as one of the reasons why the UCC is pursuing developing its own versions of social media platforms and explained that " instead of Ugandans, for example, visiting Twitter, they will have something local that they will be able to use.

“The moment you access the Internet, you first go to America and come back when you are surfing. But if we had our own content here, it will be cheaper," Mutabazi is quoted as saying. Read the full article on iafrikan here.