Nigeria and Cybercrime: Govts Urged to Deploy IT in Judiciary

5 January 2018


Following the increasing rate of cybercrime and the need for the judiciary to apply the full weight of the law on cyber criminals, participants at the just concluded Africa Information and Communication Technologies Alliance summit (AfICTA), which held in Abuja, have advised governments at all levels to deploy information technology (IT) in the judicial system.

According to the summit, unless Nigerian and the rest of the African governments promote and use technology in the Judiciary and empower law enforcement officers, the fight against cybercrime may not yield the expected results.

To effectively fight cybercrime in the continent, the capacity development summit noted that tackling cybercrime and securing critical information infrastructure must be among African government’s key point agenda.

Although cybercrime is not only limited to Nigeria and other African countries, the summit noted that all relevant stakeholders in the ICT industry should, as a matter of necessity, engage the government on the promotion and use of technology in the judiciary so that law enforcement officers can effectively address cybercrime issues in Nigeria and Africa.

AfICTA is a 30-nation private sector led alliance of ICT Associations, multi-national corporations, companies, organisations and individuals in the ICT sector in Africa.

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