Zambia: State House Gets Tough On Social Media

5 January 2018

Digital Content

State House has shown its irritation with social media by introducing wide ranging measures to curb the chaos caused by online postings.

State House Public Relations Manager Amos Chanda said that Plot One will be forced to broadcast statements on the national broadcaster within thirty minutes of being issued.

Chanda said that government publications with online platforms will have to confirm statements simultaneously with State House.

The president's mouthpiece said that an alert would be issued to media houses every morning to avoid being pre-empted by online postings.

Chanda has been twice caught off-guard in the last few days with the resignation of Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba breaking before State House could confirm it.

Last week an imminent cabinet reshuffle was leaked on social media with a State House style paper with Chanda's credentials on it.

The Kalaba episode appears to have unsettled Chanda with the international media making a meal of State House and state controlled ZNBC refusing to acknowledge the minister's resignation until 24 hours later.

Chanda also announced that State House would restore the official website that was allegedly a subject of hacking forcing its closure.

Source: Zambia Reports