Dalkom Somalia signs a service agreement with iDirect

12 January 2018


Mobile operator Dalkom Somalia started the year 2018, signing a service contract with the iDirect satellite connectivity provider. Through this strategic partnership, which strengthens its data capabilities and enriches Internet offers to consumers, Dalkom lays the foundation for a successful year. With the new iDirect network, the telecom company can not only increase Internet user throughput up to 38.5 Mbps, but also reduce commissioning time and provide back-up connectivity in the event of an incident on the network.

With this set of strengths, Dalkom wants to increase customer loyalty and attract new customers, including government and non-government organizations, charities, academic institutions, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), telecommunications operators, and more. financial services institutions.

“Thanks to the iDirect platform, we cover areas where no connectivity existed before. IDirect’s platform technology enables us to deliver critical business benefits by increasing data performance and efficiency, and reducing the time to implement services. And these are essential requirements to expand our reach and service capabilities, “said Mohamed Ahmed Jama, Managing Director of Dalkom Somalia.

Currently, the Somali telecom market has many operators, including Golis Telecom, Hormuud Telecom, Nationlink, Somafone, Somtel, Telcom Somalia, Telesom.

Source: NexTV Africa