Ex-Salesforce techie explores the cloud to store client feedback

12 January 2018

Mergers, Acquisitions and Financial Results

Limo Sadalla returned to Kenya in 2013 to launch a business that lost Sh2 million in its first year.

“Our loss was not out of mismanagement, but lack of awareness among our local companies on the need to use technology to monitor business processes that enhances their relationship with their customers,” Mr Sadalla says.

Mr Sadalla, 32, who heads Blue Consulting Limited, had just returned from America where he worked as a tech consultant for cloud computing services provider Salesforce.com.

Armed with four laptops, Mr Sadalla recruited his first four employees who he trained at a restaurant.

“We would criss-cross Nairobi and meet at the restaurant to review the day’s operation.”

Mr Sadalla conducted door-to-door marketing while offering staff training for companies that adopted the service. He also helped customise individual company Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

He signed as deal as Salesforce’s sole partner for its CRM products in Kenya and across East Africa. Read the full article on Business Daily here.