TV license fees to extend to mobile consumers in Ghana

12 January 2018

Digital Content

The director-general of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC), Dr Akuffo Annor-Ntow, expects the collection of TV licenses to extend to persons who consume content via mobile devices and applications.

Speaking to Citi News following the setting up of a special TV Licence Court to deal with TV license fee defaulters, he said: “ultimately, the laws will extend to those who consume that content on that mobile applications.”

“The fact that you are consuming it on a mobile application doesn’t mean the content is not being paid for or is not being generated by somebody. Once it is being generated, it has to be paid for.” For now, the GBC is “focusing on those who own television sets and use television sets [for the license collection],” Dr Annor-Ntow noted. Read the full article on Screen Africa here.