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The New Times Online has improved its interface to serve online readers better.The websites' interface was changed recently to give readers in the diaspora more opportunity to explore with more web functions.

The sites on-line poll with a question, "What do you think of our new look?" indicated that 35.5 percent of the The New Times online readers think the site is good, while 32.7 percent think it is excellent. Seventeen percent of the others who participated in the on-line poll think the old interface should be reinstated, 12 percent think it is poor and 11 percent don't know.

The website feeds other news web portals such as, and the British Broadcasting Corporation's web portal

"We even serve many universities and researchers all over the world," the outgoing web editor, Issa Kainamura said. The New Times' website is an on-line gateway to most readers in the diaspora. According to web statistics, 70 percent of the sites' readers are in Europe and USA. "I was surprised, we have readers in Asia, and even as far as Kuwait," Kainamura said. Statistics indicate that there are over 60,000 unique visitors. During the month of March there were over 2 million hits on the front page of the website.

Managing Editor Ignatius Kabagambe attributes this trend to the fact that hard copies printed don't reach every reader in Rwanda, and very few outside Rwanda. And he added, "There are also many Rwandans within the country who use on-line facilities to read us on the web."

The management plans to develop The New Times on-line edition further to cater for the growing number of advertisers who are targeting Rwandans in the diaspora.

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