Zimbabwe: Econet Allays Fears, Says Ecocash Secure

9 February 2018

Money Transfer

Telecoms giant, Econet has assured customers who use their Ecocash Wallet facility that their money is safe and secured.

This follows a statement that went viral on the social media saying the Econet Ecocash system had been hacked and some customers had lost their money.

The statement also said in the event that someone loses his or her phone, someone can access the victim's Ecocash account without a pin using the code *151*#.

The WhattsApp message triggered panic amongst the Ecocash users who demanded an explanation from their service provider.

However it has turned out that while one can access any Ecocash account using code*151*# they cannot conduct any transaction.

Econet spokesperson, Fungai Mandiveyi allayed the fears, saying Ecocash Wallet is secure and safest way of keeping and saving money.

"The Ecocash wallet is secure. These customers have been trying to use an existing shortcut, which at the end will require pin, before sending money or making payment," said Mandiveyi.

He added: "*151# on the Ecocash menu, allows you the convenience of accessing the menu. The transactions on Ecocash can't complete without a pin," said Mandiveyi.

In a statement, Econet also said *151*# menu allows customers the convenience of instantly accessing the top level menu.

The wider use of electronic money has also opened a new frontier of risk for both banks and their customers. With each day passing, scammers and tricksters are inverting new and sophisticated ways of taking away people's hard earned money.

Source: New Zimbabwe