Malawi Govt suspends SIM card registration over fears of spying

16 February 2018


Malawi government has suspended the mandatory subscriber identity module (SIM) card registration over concerns of State spying and the long queues for verification, government spokesman Nicholous Dausi has told Parliament.


There were long queues at service providers as hundreds as people have been trooping out to register their SIMs to beat the March deadline and people have been venting their frustration via social media.

In Parliament, opposition legislators also raised the concerns prompting Minister of Information, Communication and ICT Nicholous Dausi announcing that the process has been suspended.

“Government has taken note of the questions and concerns raised by the general public directly and through their honourable members of Parliament regarding the administrative and technical aspects for implementing this requirement of the law [in registering SIMs],” said Dausi.

Dausi, who is also government official spokesman, said the implementation of the simcard registration has been deferred “until the administrative and technical concerns and questions are addressed.” Read the full article on Nyasa Times here.