Rwandan Makes a Prototype That Enables Whatsapp Users to Call Without

23 February 2018

Digital Content

Calling from Japan, China, United States of America or even from Europe to Africa, is one of the most expensive things one can do. Telecommunication firms charge a lot of money both on text messages and calling.

This makes it hard for Africans in the diaspora to always communicate with their families and friends back home. But the situation is changing with the growing number of internet messaging services.

It is easier for a WhatsApp user to audio or video call or chat with his or her counterpart in Africa who has the same application than traditional telephone calls and text messages. The situation is the same for people who use Skype, Facebook Messenger, Viber and WeChat, to mention a few.

But at the moment, the number of smartphone holders is very small in many developing countries especially in Africa. For instance, the number of smartphone holders in Rwanda is well below 1.2 million people in Rwanda.

This challenges service providers to provide solutions that benefit the majority of people who use feature phones, phones that do not allow use of popular internet services.

Deodate Mugenzi, 26, thinks that there is always another way of innovating and developing solutions that best suit people's needs and circumstances. He is a young and budding passionate technology entrepreneur. Read the full article on The New Times here.