Malawi’s New fixed phone line operator to roll out 80,000 lines in 5 yrs


Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (Macra) says newly authorised fixed line provider, Access Communications Limited (ACL), has proposed to roll out 80,000 telephone lines to subscribers in five years. acra spokesperson Clara Mulonya said ACL would provide 20,000 lines in the first year of its operations and expand as time goes.

Macra was hopeful that the new company would bring competition and in turn quality services to the telecommunication industry. “Macra expects to see people have easy access to lines in their homes as well as in their businesses. This will create competition which will definitely result in high quality services for the consumer,” Mulonya said.

Four companies have stakes in ACL and these include Gestetner with 23.03% shares, Dynamic Communications holding 25.97%, Fags Investments Ltd with 27% and Voicecom Investments who own 20%. CL intends to invest over K7.8 billion (US$56 million) in implementing their operations and the company is expected to start its activities in three months’ time. ACL was issued a licence on May 25 this year as the second national operator to provide fixed line services.

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