Goal Technology Solutions (GTS), a local company known for embracing Broadband over Power Lines technology, has revealed their broadband pricing structures. GTS’s GoalNet broadband services, which make use of Power Line Communication technologies, starts at R 189-00 per month for a 512 Kbps service with a 500 MB usage limit.

Their 1 GB GoalNet offering is priced at R 299-00 while their 3 GB and 5 GB services come in at R 410-00 and R 500-00 per month respectively. Their top-up rate is R 70-00 per GB.

All these packages are soft capped and once the limit of the prescribed data is reached, Internet connectivity will simply be throttled to a slower dial-up equivalent speed. According to the GTS website these services are available in GoalNet coverage areas and come with a free plug-and-play modem.

GTS has also unveiled the prices for their unshaped ADSL package which starts at R 92-00 for a 1 GB account. Their 3 GB account retails for R 259-00 a month and their 5 GB offering costs R 381-00.

Their 10 GB offering is priced at R 667-00 which equates to R 66-70 per GB, a figure that is below current rates from SAIX and Verizon Business based ISPs. All the ADSL packages are hard capped, and according to GOAL they will release their shaped ADSL pricing soon.