Vodacom adds new network sites in rural areas to improve coverage

16 March 2018


Vodacom has deployed new network sites in deep rural areas of Umhlabuyalingana Municipality, KwaZulu Natal. This follows the call by the Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services, Siyabonga Cwele for the country’s mobile network providers to help improve network coverage in rural areas.

Vodacom’s pursuit to accelerate network coverage for people who live in deep rural areas of South Africa has already yielded a great number of results for the residents of Umhlabuyalingana Municipality.

Within months of Vodacom having deployed seven new 3G sites, covering 637 km2 with a population of over 50 000, the area has now seen a 1000% increase in data traffic.

This project came about in April 2017 when Minister Cwele and the Mayor of Umhlabuyalingana Municipality, Mr Dompas Ncube, approached the mobile networks and appealed to them to improve network coverage along the Mozambique Border.

The project was aimed at boosting coverage for the deep rural areas in this municipality so residents can help in clamping down on cross-border criminal activities. Read the full article on African Business Communities here.