“You Just Killed Me”: The Internet Meme Defying Angola’s Government

16 March 2018


Angola memeMeet “You just killed me,” the viral meme challenge sweeping Angola where youth share images pretending to be dead under various objects: cement blocks, fridges, cookers, or cabinets — and usually accompanied by references to social problems faced in Angola.


The images often refer to the heavy rains that have hit Angola since late 2017. In the capital of Luanda over 2,000 homes have already been flooded and 10 people have died as a result of the destruction.

Os Nandako, a Kuduro and Afro-house music group, is credited with sparking the popular meme challenge. (Kuduro is an Angolan style of music influenced by North American rap, Caribbean soca, and native kizomba.)

But the trend has gone beyond the rains as a form of protest against the government of the MPLA, the party in power since 1979: Read the full article on Global Voices Online here.