Serianu sets up cyber-security training and testing centre in Nairobi

16 March 2018


Serianu, a cyber security consultancy firm, has opened its Cyber Immersion Center, a training centre which targets cyber security professionals in Africa to hone their skills and ramp up their cyber-attack preparedness.

Located in Nairobi, Serianu’s Cyber Immersion Center is grounded in the metropolis that is fast emerging as Sub-Sahara Africa’s technology hub where for the first time in the region’s technological history, cyber security professionals now have an opportunity to stay a step ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving global cyber security landscape.

William Makatiani, CEO, Serianu said in a statement that with incidences of cyber threats growing at an average of 25 per cent annually and losses piling into hundreds of millions of shillings for private and public organizations, the firm decided to invest in a local Cyber Immersion Center to equip organizations the skills to deal with attackers who have become more sophisticated.

The only one in Sub Saharan Africa, it mirrors those existing in Europe, the US and Asia, and is designed to meet a huge demand for such a specialized facility that provides professionals with a modern, third party environment to test individual and organizational cyber threat resilience, train cyber security professionals and deliver locally designed courses based on relevant case studies.

Makatiani noted that the Serianu Cyber Immersion Center is designed to bridge the existing gap of sufficient cyber security experts by bringing globally accepted training to a local environment, conducted by a distinguished team of consultants and practitioners. Read the full article on Aptantech here.