Spotify Launches Music Streaming Service In South Africa

16 March 2018

Digital Content

Global music streaming service Spotify has officially launched its services in South Africa this week.

The Swedish music streaming giant makes South Africa its first market on the African continent, launching its service in the country ahead of further expansion into other parts of the continent, according to Techcentral.

The biggest music streaming company in the world will provide premium services to South African users for around $5.08 per month, compared to a cost of $9.99 in the U.S. Spotify Free is also now available in South Africa.

Spotify allows users to browse, discover, and curate playlists, build their own music collection and share music with friends from a catalogue of over 35 million songs.

It also benefits the artists featured on the platform, who earn royalties from the streaming of their songs, while local artists will be given a platform for their music to reach more listeners.

The company’s services are now live in 68 countries, with Romania, Vietnam and Israel launched at the same time as South Africa. Read the full article here.