Libya - LPTIC reunifies, sets out USD1.7bn work plan

29 March 2018


The Libyan Post, Telecommunication and IT Company (LPTIC) has been reunified after years of post-Gaddafi conflict and has begun work on projects worth USD1.7 billion, writes news agency Reuters. Libya has experienced years of unrest that has led to the suspension of investment in the country and numerous instances of power cuts and telecommunications infrastructure damage. LPTIC, which owns mobile operators Libyana and Almadar Aljaded, suspended its restructuring and investment plans in 2014 after fighting in Tripoli led to rival governments being set up in the capital and the eastern city of Benghazi. LPTIC Chairman Faisel Gergab stated: ‘We’ve been working really hard over the last year or so to unify the institution under one umbrella and I can officially declare that we have done that.’

Among the LPTIC’s plans include a scheme to consolidate its six non-mobile subsidiaries into a single telecommunications company and to improve access and connectivity across Libya. This includes a six-year ‘last mile’ project aimed at ensuring high-speed internet connections to business and residential areas via Libya’s 15,000km fibre-optic network, as well as high-speed mobile wireless projects via Libyana and Almadar Aljaded. Reuters also notes that the LPTIC signed a USD80 million contract in February with Saudi Arabia-based Arabsat to provide satellite backup services in addition to border control and oil facilities services over a 15-year period.

Source: Telegeography