Gilat Telecom Launches Portable Satellite Service for Africa

29 March 2018


Gilat Telecom (formerly Gilat Satcom) today launched a new service for Governments, Armies, NGOs and other organisations Africa that are operational in areas with little or no network coverage.

New and existing customers will be able to buy a Satcube terminal from Gilat Telecom. This weighs just 8kg and can be transported as hand luggage in a plane. It can be taken anywhere in Africa – and indeed anywhere on earth - and connected to Gilat Telecom’s global satellite network. It can be set up by people with no engineering expertise.

Users then pay a monthly fee for connectivity with a variety of different packages available. The Gilat Telecom Satcube service provides speeds of up to 20mbps and uses the Ku-band.

Source: BizTech Africa