SqwidNet: South Africa’s Fastest Growing IoT Network

29 March 2018


SqwidNet, the licensed Sigfox IoT network operator in South Africa, on Tuesday today announced that it now covers 83% of the South African population with its network.

With over 90% and 75% coverage across Municipal and National highways respectively, it has become the fastest growing IoT network in South Africa.

Since its launch in late 2016, SqwidNet has partnered with over 30 of ICT service providers who are at various stages of deploying IoT solutions across a number of industry verticals.

The company said that the partnerships it has developed will ensure that the country and the continent at large will reap the benefits of inclusion, participation and improved quality of life enabled by IoT.

“IoT and specifically digital transformation journeys that companies are embarking on are expecting to realise tangible benefits either through cost savings or revenue enhancement,” says Reshaad Sha, CEO SqwidNet.

Source: TalkIOT