Spotify announces advertising partners in South Africa

29 March 2018

Digital Content

After a loud launch on March 13 in South Africa, Spotify has just announced its advertising partners in the rainbow nation. Thus, the brands Ballantine, FNB, Hunter’s, MINI and Pepsi-Cola, will be the first advertisers to benefit from the audience of Spotify who entrusted Ad Dynamo, the management of its advertising partnerships.

“Spotify’s connection to quality culture and user experience builds the trust of our highly engaged audience and allows us to build personal relationships with each service recipient. We’re excited to open the door for advertisers in South Africa and around the world, “said Brian Benedik, Advertising Sales Manager, Spotify.

With more than 159 million users worldwide, the music streaming leader is expected to soon attract the interest of many other advertisers in South Africa.

Source: NexTVAfrica