Science Vice Minister for Co-Operation On Government's Portal in Angola

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The deputy minister of Science and Technology, Pedro Teta called Thursday, here, for a greater co-operation of government institutions towards the updating of information of the Angolan Government's Web Portal.

According to Pedro Teta, there is a need for a constant updating of the portal's information and provide subjects about the services supplied by Ministries, specially the Organic Statute to be published.

Speaking at the workshop on "The Government's Portal - Electronic Governance" for journalists of various organs, the deputy minister affirmed that this co-operation is indispensable for the success of the project.

To Pedro Teta, each Ministry should at least identify 20 services to be made available and the forms for citizens to have access to them.

At the moment, according to the government official, the portal has about 40 services available that he considered as insignificant compared to the number of Ministries in the country.

The deputy minister said that there is a need for a greater sensitisation of the population and of government officials on the portal's importance and for the effect he called for the collaboration of journalists.

Pedro Teta explained that to meet the new dynamic, the government has to modernise, make flexible and develop competences that enable public sectors to improve procedures so as to turn them more productive and closer to citizens.

The official stated that the path to meet these challenges demands commitment to information technologies and boosting of the creation of an information society and a strong dedication towards electronic governance.

He informed that the National Information Technologies Commission is holding awareness campaigns, countrywide, to informa citizens on the importance of the portal and of electronic governance.

The Government's Portal is a project that at stage of evolution. It is divided into three levels, the portal of the citizen, the administrative and of the government.

Citizens' Portal reflects all the services of government organs. It has services, forms and legislations, whilst the administrative portal is restricted and the government's has information on the whole administrative sector.

He stressed that the portal that citizens can have access to at the website will enable a better interaction between the Angolan executive and the citizen, apart from government departments.

The workshop that is being promoted by the National Commission of Information Technologies proceeds Friday with another group of journalists. Last April the commission held a seminar for public managers.

Angola Press Agency