South Africa: MWEB blunders on LTE-A claim

29 March 2018

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MWEB has decided to withdraw a claim that the Huawei B315 router offers LTE-A capabilities, following an Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa (ASA) complaint.

MWEB promoted the Huawei B315 router as an LTE-A product, despite the fact that it only offers LTE, as part of its LTE service offering.

The Huawei website clearly states the B315 is an LTE router, which supports LTE category 4 connections of up to 150Mbps.

LTE-Advanced, which is a category 6 or above high-speed version of LTE, offers higher speeds than standard LTE. This technical bunder resulted in the complaint to the ASA.

The complainant argued that the advertising was misleading, as “the router purchased does not support LTE-Advanced but only LTE”.

Instead of admitting its mistake, MWEB said it does not believe its advertising – which called the LTE router an LTE-A device – was misleading.

However, it took the decision to “simply use the terms LTE instead of LTE-A going forward”.

MWEB said the change will “avoid frustrating and confusing its consumers”.

The ASA accepted MWEB’s undertaking to withdraw its LTE-A claim, on the condition that the material is not used again.

Source: MyBroadband