Fintech start-up Zoto gets massive growth in user base and order volumes in 2017-18

13 April 2018

Money Transfer

Lagos, Nigeria – 09 April 2018: Zoto, a product of Hedonmark Management Services Limited and Nigeria’s fastest growing payment solution, today announced that its transacting user base and order volume grew by 56% and 200% respectively in the last financial year and it is set to replicate an even higher growth curve in the financial year 2018 -19.

The fintech startup processed 5 million orders in the last year which is expected to grow 300% to 15 million orders in the financial year 2018-19 due to growing volume of electronic payments by Nigeria’s young and digitally savvy mobile users. Zoto has scaled quickly with over one million downloads and an app rating of 4.6.

Nigeria has one of the fastest growing population in the world most of whom are mobile and digitally savvy due to prices of Android phones dropping by as much as 45% and data prices reducing by as much as 80%. The accessibility to mobile phones and data has led to an explosion in electronic payments, with 117 billion USD worth electronic transactions processed in Jan – Dec 2016.

Source: Press Release