Mobiclicks, Silverpush start automated multiscreen advertising service Magnifi in South Africa

13 April 2018

Digital Content

Mobiclicks and Silverpush launched the Magnifi television advertising synchronisation ­platform in South Africa in 2017 and are now starting an automated system, Maginfi will aid in delivering campaigns, with mobile being the interactive driver, with TV content serving as a trigger. It will assist brands in targeting a distracted TV audience that is receptive to brand communication that is displayed on high-reach social platforms within the same time-stamp.


Mobiclicks will change digital advertising through mobile audience intelligence and instant TV syncing. Silverpush CEO Hitesh Chawla said TV sync is the only way forward to keep television adverts relevant, effective and engaging in a cross-screen, cross-device environment. As simultaneous media consumption rises, it is essential for brands to be omnipresent, to connect with audiences across screens.


Apart from mapping live TV ads, Magnifi uses data from various channel APIs such as sports, weather and pollution in order to align universal moments that score on visibility and also a higher conversion probability for brands. The platform currently maps the top twelve channels in South Africa and is expected to grow over time to more channels and markets throughout Africa.

Source: Telecompaper