Benin announces second phase of PDI2T project; first phase 83% complete

20 April 2018


Government-owned wholesale network provider Benin Telecoms Infrastructures has reported that the first phase of the national ‘PDI2T’ telecoms development project, which began in December 2016, was 83% completed by 31 March 2018, with 67 of Benin’s 77 communes (municipalities) currently connected by a fibre-optic backbone, Agence Ecofin writes. Under the first phase, due for completion in June 2018, the 1,060km Cotonou-Malanville fibre backbone has been rehabilitated, whilst a 222km metropolitan loop in Cotonou and surrounding areas was built along with 235km of optical fibre for connecting subscribers. Furthermore, a new 974km high speed fibre broadband network with IMS/MPLS core has been deployed by Huawei and Sofrecom.


Agence Ecofin also reports that Benin’s government has announced an additional phase of the PDI2T project, involving the densification of existing metropolitan networks of the cities of Cotonou, Porto-Novo, Abomey-Calavi, Pobe, Dassa-Zoume, Save and Ouidah, the creation of metropolitan networks in Bohicon, Abomey, Parakou, Natitingou, Djougou, Allada; deployment of points of presence at Karimama, Pereira, Avrankou, Toffo, Ze, So-Ava, Ganvie and the Agugeses; securing the existing network between Kandi and Malanville; the reinforcement and extension of Benin Telecoms Services’ LTE broadband network from 108 to 133 sites; and the connection of certain digital terrestrial television (DTT) sites on the project route. This additional phase will be financed by Exim Bank of China, and the government says the project will ultimately enable the country to achieve 80% broadband services coverage by 2021.

Source: Telegeography